Cullin’s Story

At our tournament this year we will have a baby remembrance of babies that our foundation has helped, or that we have met along our journey of establishing and running the foundation.  We believe it is important to share their stories and say their names.

We are remembering Cullin today, his mommy, Ginny, has been helping others grieve through creative grief initiatives. Her organization Scared Sidless helps to support bereaved families.  Every time she posts a creative grief saying it gives me a moment to reflect and I am sure it does for others. This is Cullin’s story…. 

Cullin Darden Limer

March 28, 2012- October 1, 2012

“Cullin was such a special baby, he said “I love you” without words.  Cullin died from SIDS on October 1, 2012.  Cullin is deeply missed by all his family and especially by his brothers and sisters. I wonder what he would be like today as a seven year old boy.  Emotionally, we were a mess after we lost Cullin.  We went to The Warm Place numerous times and all of us liked the punching bag room the most. Our family also channels our pain into passion by helping others.  Financially, if it weren’t for the help of others, we would not have had a proper burial, casket or headstone for Cullin. Generous donations allowed me to miss work for a few weeks, but without their financial support, it wouldn’t have been impossible. 

I think the Rhett Sullivan Foundation can help families when financial help is needed the most.  When you lose a child, the last thing you want to worry about is the expense of it all.” 

~Cullin’s Mommy

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